Who will Listen to Me?


Abdominal Pain, Acne, ADD, Addison’s syndrome, Andenoids swollen, 

​Adhesions, Alcoholism, Allergies, Alzheimer’s syndrome, Amalgam poisoning,

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s syndrome), Anemia, Angina, 

Ankle (sprained), Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Athlete’s foot , Autism


Backaches chronic, Bacterial infection, Bed-wetting, Bladder,

Bloating, Blood sugar  low, Bones, Breasts fibroids, Burns skin,


Candida albicans, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cellulite, Cerebral palsy,  Chemical

poisoning, Children general nutrition, Cholesterol high, Chronic fatigue syndrome,

​Circulation  poor,   Cirrhosis, Cold extremities, Colds, Colitis, Congestion, Constipation,

Cough, Cramps, Curvature of the spine,


Depression, Diabetes,  Diarrhea,Disc bulging/degenerative disc syndrome, Diverticulitis, 


Ear infection, Epilepsy, Epstein Barr, Equilibrium, Eye syndromes,


Fatigue, Fever, Fibroids, Floaters, Flu, Fluid retention, Food allergies,Fungus,


Gallbladder,    Gastritis,   Giardia,    Glaucoma,   Gout,   Grave’s syndrome,  Guillain-Barre syndrome,


Hair loss, Hardening of the arteries, Hay-fever, Headaches, Heart, Heartburn, Heel spurs,

Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Herpes simplex, HIV, Hodgkin’s syndrome, Hot flashes, Hyperactivity,



​Impotency, Indigestion, Infection, Irritable bowel syndrome,


Kidney, Klebsiella, 


Leukemia, Libido, Liver, Lou Gehrig’s syndrome, Low blood sugar, Lung,


Macular degeneration, Meniere’s syndrome, Migraine headaches, Miner’s lung,

Mononucleosis, Morning sickness, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy,


Nausea, Nephritis, Nervous legs, Neuropathy, Nutrition general,




Pain and swelling, Pancreas, Panic attacks, Parasites, Parkinson’s syndrome, Pregnancy,Prostate,

Prostatitis, Psoriasis,


Rash, Raynaud’s syndrome, Respiratory system, Rheumatic fever, Rotator cuff tear/separation, 


Scalp, Sciatica, Scleroderma, Shingles, Short term memory, Skin, Smoking addiction, Sore throat chronic,  

Spastic colon, Spinal disc, Spine, Spleen, Stomach, Strep throat, Stroke, Subluxations, 


Tachycardia, Teeth, Tendinitis, Tennis elbow, Thyroid, TMJ, Tonsillitis, Triglycerides


Ulcer, Uric acid, Urinary pain, Uterus,




Weight loss, Wrist,


​Yeast infection,

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